Forward in Faith Campaign


We are now embarking on an ambitious but achievable campaign to continue the growth of our parish, and to provide support for education and vocations throughout the diocese. Please join us to support our children, priests and parishes as we spread God’s word and share the transformative power of the Eucharist.   Many initiatives are needed for the future of our community. With your help, we can move forward in faith and support our future. Here are just a few examples of how your help will make a difference.

Catholic Education:

Forward in faith

  • Provide $18 million in tuition assistance for those seeking a high quality Catholic education across the Diocese.
  • Offer $11 million in capital improvements within select Diocesan schools.

Seminarian and Retired Priest Support

  • Provide $3 million to support the priests of our Diocese beginning their priestly life and those who have served faithfully and approach retirement.
  • Contribute $5 million for much-needed renovations to St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary.

Individual Parish Needs

  • Provide $10 million to our parishes in order to improve their parish facilities, grow their parish ministries, or lower their outstanding debt.
  • Each parish has unique needs and will go in one of two phases.

The Forward in Faith campaign is another opportunity for our parish to come together as we have some many times before, to ensure a strong future for our parish and our diocese. Please take the time to read and pray about the campaign priorities and consider what part you can do to assist the parish in reaching our $537,000  goal with a pledge or one time donation.  As of January 13, 2014, we have received $236,781 in pledges.


For more information or to make a pledge, visit  For you convenience pledge envelopes are available in the Narthex of the Church.

The fruit of our love is service,
and we strive to serve others as a community of believers.

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