Spiritual Life

GRUPO CARISMATICO “CRISTO VIVE” – Angeles Vera (813) 719-3980

HEART OF JESUS PRAYER GROUP – Bill Muench (813) 752-8251, ext. 304

CURSILLISTAS – Juan Arevalo (813) 477-0368

The Cursillos of Christianity began in Spain , on the island of Mallorca , in 1944. The founding concept was that lay people, by virtue of the sacraments of baptism and confirmation, perform an active role in evangelization in the world. The Cursillo retreat (conducted over a long weekend) is considered a “short course in Christianity”, and introduces you to how you fit into the church’s mission today.  For many people, this retreat deepens appreciation for our faith, and opens up opportunities to apply and live out our faith in the modern world

MOVIMIENTO DE JUAN XXIII – Jesus Galindez (813) 478-1881

El Movimiento Juan XXIII es una asociación internacional, de fieles,  constituida de acuerdo a los cánones  del Derecho Canónico de la Iglesia Católica, e inspirada en los principios que emanaron del Concilio Vaticano II.  El Movimiento Juan XXIII  no trabaja para sí,  busca ser fermento y servir como una plataforma de lanzamiento.  El grupo se reune todos los lunes a las 7pm en el salon social.

ST. ELIZABETH PRAYER GROUP – Lorraine Renaud (813) 707-1004

ST. PATRICK BIBLE STUDY – Wendy Hetrick (813) 757-6398

The St. Patrick bible study group studies God’s word using the bible and other catholic resources.  We support each other as a small community of faith.

ST. MICHAEL BIBLE STUDY – Bill Muench (813) 752-8251, ext. 304

To understand the meaning and purpose of the Bible in the wars and our lives. 

ST. PADRE PIO PRAYER GROUP – Lorraine Renaud (813) 707-1004

Join us the 1st Saturday of the month from 2:00pm-3:00pm after Benediction for prayers to St. Padre Pio for his intercession.


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