Young Adult Ministry (YAM)

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on the Good Samaritan Clean Water Project Mission

 June 2018 –  Come be a part of it!

We are a parish-based community of Young Adults, who seek to draw closer to Jesus and his Church through the Five Habits: Pray, Study, Serve, Community, and Evangelization. YAM’s primary purpose is to create a community of disciples united in their faith.
The ministry is open to ages 18-35, single, married, with or without children.  In addition to meetings (twice per month as part of a Small Christian Community), we will come together for a wide range of events: social gatherings, liturgies, service opportunities, athletic events, outdoor trips, retreats, conferences, boot camps, etc.  
A Young Adult Small Christian Community is a “safe place” where Young Adults can explore their faith, their questions and even their doubts with their peers and a facilitator, in an environment, that encourages relationship building, inter-dependency and a genuine pursuit of being an Intentional Disciple of Jesus Christ.

St. Clement’s Commitment to our Young Adults:

  1. We will consistently ask all our parishioners to pray for you.
  2. We will sponsor programs that will nurture you spiritually: Small Christian Communities (SCC), Rallies, Special Events, Retreats, Mission Trips, World Youth Day, etc.
  3. We will offer you opportunities to grow in your understanding of Discipleship, especially through Discipleship Boot Camps, which are best experienced with other Young Adults in attendance.
  4. We will have Adults working with you that you can relate and look up to.
  5. We will have peer aged Leaders that will lead your SCC in discussions.
  6. We will ask you to be involved annually in one Major Fund Raising event; our GALA, which will help raise funds, that can be used to cover some of the cost for the extracurricular programs we will sponsor during the year.
  7. Our Main Focus is for Young Adults ages 18-35.  Your SCC will include peers; and, if required, will be held using your native language (Spanish, Tagalog, American Sign Language, Vietnamese, etc)

Each member of the SCC is invited to make a “simple commitment” which includes:

  1. Being Truthful, Trustworthy, Respectful and a willingness to care for one another.
  2. Confidentiality (there are some exceptions because of Florida Law)
  3. Active participation: We are all in this together.
  4. A real openness to grow by sharing your faith & life experiences with others.
  5. Regular attendance: It is hard to build relationships with each other, if we are not all here
  6. A daily effort to have a prayer time, in which the Scriptures are read, meditated on and prayed about
  7. A desire to be a Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven Young Adult.

Small Christian Community

The outline of each meeting follows the Five Habits:

  1. COMMUNITY: get to know each other.
  2. PRAY: pray as a group.
  3. STUDY: discover what God is teaching us through His Word.
  4. SERVE: discuss and plan how we can serve the Church and Community – both locally and globally
  5. EVANGELIZATION: focus on being Trinity Centered and Discipleship Driven and encourage other to do the same.

We seek to balance each Habit. We want to care for those in our SCC, but also are open to others joining or forming their own SCC. We will always have an “empty chair” at all our meetings, to remind us to be open to the ONE.



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